How to work with the Facebook algorithm?

Of course, the algorithm for forming a Facebook news feed is not the only thing that affects coverage (for example, the constant growth of the social network audience), but it is one of the main factors. And those companies and brands that are not aware of the latest developments and algorithm updates may have difficulty demonstrating content to their audience.

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Let’s remind: the algorithm of formation of a news feed in Facebook is a principle that helps the social network to decide what posts the user will see in the feed and what order. Since 2018, the algorithm is constantly updated, and Facebook is trying hard to increase the value and meaningfulness of the time users spend on the social network.

But in 2020, Facebook decided to focus on making its platform more open to users and giving people more direct control over what they see in the news feed. For example, Facebook has conducted numerous surveys, collecting data and opinions directly from users – what they are interested in and what they are not. And even added a button to the posts, clicking on which you can find out why the post is displayed in your feed.

Encourage communication with subscribers

One of the key points of the ranking algorithm in Facebook is the repeated interaction of the user with the page. Therefore, lively discussion and commenting under the post-play not the least role in increasing the coverage of your future publications.

Make publications when your audience is online

Another important ranking factor is the “freshness” of the post. Just published – perfect. Use special analytics services and tools to find out when your subscribers are mostly online.

Monitor the quality of the content

It is enough to publish unverified facts, fake news, or information that does not carry values ​​and benefits. For this, the social network algorithm can lower your post.

If you publish videos, use videos of high quality and lasting up to three minutes

Ideally, if these are original videos that have not been published before.

Use the power of your loyal audience

Brands can create their own group based on a page where you can have discussions, teach educational content, solve user problems and not forget about entertaining content.

As Facebook moves toward increasing transparency in the ranking of news content, audiences have more control over what they see. So, tell your subscribers that they can prioritize your page’s posts in their feed.